Artist FAQ

Is the music in Soundscape Media represented Exclusively or Non-Exclusively?

We represent music both Exclusively and Non-Exclusively. You may choose to submit your music to either the Exclusive or the Non-Exclusive libraries or you can have some music in both. Please read below to learn about the difference between the two libraries.

What's the difference between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive representation?

Exclusive representation means that we are the only licensing agency that can represent and license the tracks you have signed with us during the term of the agreement. Non-Exclusive representation means that you can have the same tracks represented and licensed by various music licensing agencies during the same term. You maintain full ownership to the copyright of your music whether you choose for your music to be represented Exclusively or Non-Exclusively. Please read below for more details.

Why would I want my music to be represented Exclusively over Non-Exclusively?

We are getting more and more requests for exclusively represented music so your chances of getting a license if your music is represented exclusively by us is much higher. If your music is exclusively represented by us then your music will be available in both our exclusive catalog as well as our non-exclusive catalog. Many higher end advertising and TV projects require exclusively represented music. We also put an extra effort into promoting our exclusive artists.

Will I keep the ownership and copyright of my music?

Yes. Absolutely we only represent your music for licensing purposes. We only need the rights needed to license and place your music in TV, Film and other media licensing opportunities. You maintain full ownership of your music.

Does it cost me anything to sign up with Soundcape?

Absolutely not. Unlike some other music licensing services our representation services are free of charge. We are here to make you money, not cost you money.

Does Soundscape accept music that's been entered into the YouTube Content ID system?

Due to the inherent incompatibilities Content ID fingerprinting has with music licensing; we are working towards offering our clients a 100% claim-free experience. We are avoiding to represent music in the Content ID program, and educating our artists to understand the associated implications. To learn more about Content ID Click Here

Can I sell/stream my material on iTunes, Spotify or get signed by a record label etc?

Absolutely. You are free to sell/stream your music in any manner for consumer listening purposes no matter if you are on an exclusive or non-exclusive contract with us. We only deal with licensing music for commercial use.

What types of music does Soundscape Media place?

Both vocal and instrumental music from all genres. As long as it's good quality and stylistically appealing to our tastes. We love unique indie artist music that's authentic to the genre that has been carefully crafted. We don't like generic music that was made quickly without a healthy dose of passion, originality and attention to detail.

Should I follow up with you guys after I submit my music? How long are your response times?

You will hear back from us but you have to be patient. It can take a few days, a few weeks or even a month until your track is reviewed. Once accepted, please don't contact us regularly to ask if your music has been licensed as you will be sent a statement when your payment is sent to you after at the end of the current pay period.

When and how do you make payments to artists?

We make artist payments every February and August if there is an amount owing over $50. Payments and statements are sent via Paypal, so please make sure you have listed your Paypal email in your profile.

How do I remove my music from the Soundscape Media library and terminate my contract?

1. Email us and to let us know you would like to remove your music and we’ll make sure you have fulfilled your contract obligations and send you a Termination Form to sign and mail to us.

2. Send us the signed Termination Form that officially states that you would like to terminate the contract and remove your tracks from our library.

Please note that our agreement is a three year term, so please make sure the term has passed before attempting to remove your music.

What happens when my music gets placed and licensed?

We will issue a license to the client to non-exclusively use your music. All license earnings collected by us will then be split 50/50 with you.

How do payments work when we make a license placement for you?

We split all earnings from the placements we make with you 50/50. This includes the front end license fee and the backend peformance royalties. (Please note that PRO royalties are paid to you by your PRO and not by us). When we receive payment for a license we will pay it out after the current pay period ends and your PRO will pay you your performance royalties.

Will you tell me when my music was used?

You will be notified of placements in the form of a statement that will be sent to you with payment for your licenses. We often don't receive cue sheets from clients until well after the production first broadcasted. Please be patient as your statement and payment will be sent shortly after the end of the payment period in which the license was made, as long as your balance is over $50, other wise it will be rolled over to the next period.

What is SoundGuru?

SoundGuru is a separate music consultation service we offer to artists (whether they are accepted to Soundscape or not) where our music supervisors coach artists one on one with their music to help maximize licensing potential. More info can be found here: SoundGuru

What happens if my music doesn’t get used?

Nothing. You are still the owner of all your music and we will continue to try our best to make placements for you.

Can I submit cover songs or public domain songs?

We cannot represent cover songs so please do not submit them. Public Domain songs are ok to submit but please let us know which songs you submit that are public domain by checking the appropriate box in the uploader info box.

Can I submit music with Samples?

No, we cannot accept music containing audio samples from other peoples music or any samples which are not authorized to be used in your music.

Should I also submit my instrumental versions of my songs as well as the vocal versions?

Absolutely, we license a lot of instrumental music and if you have instrumental versions of your vocal songs you will highly increase the chances of getting placements.

On the contract you ask for my CAE/IPI number, what is this and how to I get one?

If you are a member of a PRO you already have one. Just call or login to your PRO account online to get this number. This number is an international PRO identifier that is important for routing your broadcast royalties. It's a nine digit number, don't get this confused with your member number.

Who needs to sign the Licensing Agreement?

You need to sign the contract as well as anyone else who co-wrote or holds rights in the music, masters or publishing. When you submit your music please include information about all co-writers and which songs were co-written by whom.

In which Audio Format should I submit my music?

Your initial 5 song submission should be MP3s. Once accepted, we need your music to be submitted in either AIFF or WAVE format.

What responsibilities and guarantees am I stating in my Soundscape contract?

You are guaranteeing that all the writers listed on the contract are ALL of the writers that took part in any of the writing and that have stakes in the ownership of the music (no writers can be left out). You are also guaranteeing that all the music is originally written by you and the listed writers. You are legally responsible for any consequences resulting if you misrepresented any information on our contract.

How will Soundscape distribute and sell my music to clients?

Soundscape will promote your music through our online licensing platform and through our network of partners and sub publishers, maximizing license potential worldwide.

Can I submit more music after my initial submission has been accepted?

Yes, you can submit music anytime but please be sure NOT to submit songs again that you have already submitted. If we notice duplicate songs in a submission our policy is to immediately discard the entire submission.

How do I know that you received my music submission?

We make a point to contact everyone who submits music to us. Whether you're accepted or denied you should hear from us

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