The Need For Authentic Music

"I wish I were one of those people who wrote songs quickly.
But I'm not. So it takes me a great deal of time to find out what the song is."
- Leonard Cohen

Inspiration can be daunting. Creativity, well, draining. Somewhere in the midst of this challenging, and often uncomfortable intersection of passion and desire lies perfection.

Soundscape started off as a production company creating custom music for film, TV and advertising in Los Angeles. As we grew, we saw the value of music licensing. It allowed a quick turnaround time for the client, reduced price as compared to custom music and allowed the client to know exactly what quality they are buying beforehand after being able to try it in their production. We started to build our licensing catalog and kept the music quality at a level that our broadcast clients expect of us.

We later relocated back to Toronto where the TV industry was growing significantly and we were seeing many licensing opportunities. We became a white glove boutique music licensing agency for TV and film however still did custom music and licensing for big brand advertising and continued building our Los Angeles client base.

As the growth of online video continued to explode, it was obvious that there were real music problems that needed fixing. YouTube was flooded with generic poor quality music with no heart. It was time for a change. It was time for a movement to spread the word about the impact that real music can have on video. We needed this movement to be felt throughout the whole industry. We needed this disruption to expose what we viewed as a core betrayal of meaningful artistic connection.

"The role music plays in film...commercials...all of’s to inspire connections with the audience...make them feel something...and that simply cannot be achieved on a musical assembly-line."

We needed to focus on clearing music by real artists putting their hearts into the music rather than stock composers trying to write as many tracks a day as possible.

"Great music should be pure and come from the right place. Not inhibited by the time pressures of deadlines or any superficial factors."

Envisioning a platform that supports all creators; from the bands and artists hoping for their big break, to the filmmakers who need authentic music to tell their story, and the content creators sharing their passions with their audience, We set out to discover how we could make a difference.

"True creativity can"t be forced..."

As production budgets continued to shrink, we saw it as essential to offer our services at a rate that is affordable for the smallest video productions while continuing to support our growing clientele of big and small TV, film and advertising productions. This resulted in a 3 tier subscription-based unlimited music licensing solution offering highly curated authentic music by real artists.

Real Music for Real Stories